Jul 17, 2021

Bees and Balance


e bring the audience very close to the bee’s function and stimulate the lack of knowledge about fertilization and diversity.

22-23 of July in Nyhavn 63C, Bedwood Hostel, Copenhagen.

22 July


Tasting of honey ice cream and honey candy for children with sweet adults.
Movie: Disney’s The Bee Movie and the biologist’s stories about the bee.


Honey ice cream and honey tasting in the yard.
Movie: Honeyland, award-winning documentary about, perhaps the world’s last wild bees breeder, a woman in the Macedonian mountains.


Ole Hertz, beekeeping consultant in developing countries: Talk about the bee as the fertilizer of diversity. Cases from Africa, Denmark, Greenland.

Katrine Klinken, owner of Denmark’s first and only honey shop in Jægersborggade: Talk about honey as an elixir of life and gastronomic emphasis.

Thorkil Boisen, Denmark’s first honey ice cream producer: Talk about the bee in green conversion, the biologist’s take on dissemination of bee knowledge.

Moderator: Anne Boukris


Honey exhibition and tasting, honey tapas and honey drinks, informal lounge and summer joy.
80 kr

23 july

Biomimetics is a wonderful journey into what we can learn from nature. Join us when Nordic Biomimicry presents us with the unimaginable potential of nature as a source of inspiration for the sustainable society of the future.


Lars Pødenphant Kiær, innovation specialist from Nordic Biomimicry: Talk about biomimetics and nature-inspired design, ecology and sustainable innovation.


Movie: Microcosmos. An artistic nature documentary with detailed interactions between insects and other small invertebrates. Pure eroticism and beauty.


Honey exhibition, tasting, honey tapas and honey drinks. DJ and informal lounge and summer joy.

80 kr