Aug 6, 2021

Biomimicry Festival


Why a Biomimicry Festival?

In a time of climate change and the biodiversity crisis, now more than ever we need to cultivate a deeper relationship with nature as a society.

We can create conditions that contribute to the ecological system, just as nature does. Biomimicry leads us faster to the sustainable solutions. Our technological development is time consuming and climate change is not waiting. We need to look at biological designs and systems that have been successful for millennia to implement groundbreaking ideas faster.

Biomimicry Festival offers a 5 days experience with talks, workshops, concerts, dinners, film screenings. The main venue is Teaterøen in the middle of Copenhagens habourside, but we also bring the audience to the countryside West of Sealand and to Amager Fælled. Here you can experience some of the sharpest biomimicry designers and practitioners, philosophers, artists and thinkers of our time who, based on nature's processes anddimensions, can provide an understanding of how the world is connected. Meet the speakers and artists here

Program Wednesday 25 August at Teaterøen

Location: Magneten, William Wains Gade 11, 1432 Refshaleøen. EVENT IN DANISH

Opening bySocial Cities v. Anne Boukris and Nina Louise Jensen. Conversations with NordicBiomimicry and author, climate activist and animist Jens André Herbener. 

ProjectVision Heart & sustainable lifestyle. By entrepreneur Simone Dresler &international mentor Kaya Jiwan. 

Psychedelic Integration Theraphy. By practicing psychologist Anders Thingmand Henriksen. 

Tapas dogmemenu: Late Summer Season, Wild & Local. Presentation by food expert Thorkil Boisen. 

The outer and inner nature are interconnected. An important tool for understanding andexploring our inner nature is the dreams when we sleep - their neurology, language and magic. Talk by author Joanna Marie Nielsen. 

Concertwith Julie Maria. One of Denmark's most talented singer and songwriters.

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Program Thursday 26 August at the farm in West Sealand

Location: Mørkøv Kirkeby 24, 4440 Mørkøv. EVENT IN DANISH

Introductionby Social Cities CEO Anne Boukris.

From Democracy to Ecocracy. Talk by author, lecturer and climate activist Jens-André Herbener. 

Explore theinner nature - through dreams. Talk by author Joanna Marie Nielsen.

Communitydinner and presentation by food expert Thorkil Boisen. Dogme Menu: Late SummerSeason, Wild and Local. The menu reflects how we can eat and enjoy, contributeand understand how food and nature are connected. Your senses and your presenceare at the center.

Concert with Julie Maria in the framework of nature.

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Program Friday 27 August at Teaterøen

Location: Magneten, William Wains Gade 11, 1432 Refshaleøen. PROGRAM DK/ENG

Biomimicry Safary by Nordic Biomimicry. Walk and introduction to biomimicry. By expertsLars Pødenphant Kiær and Pernille Lethenborg. (dk)

From Biomimicry to Regeneration. By sustainability entrepreneurs Tom Mansfield from Pale Blue and Suzana Barbosa from Nordic Biomimicry.
Workshop:Ways of being and the essence of connection; behavioural change inspired byliving systems. Ecolinguistics and poetry help us 'hack our concepts'. Exercises in writing and spoken word. (eng)

Tapas Dinner - If You Can't Beat Them - Eat Them! Talk and tasting of invasive species with food expert, biologist and ice cream producer Thorkil Boisen. (dk)

Performance poetry recital Spoken word & open mic, facilitated by Tom Mansfield. (eng)

DJ Ras Money & Party

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Program Saturday 28 August at Teaterøen

Location: Magneten, William Wains Gade 11, 1432 Refshaleøen PROGRAM DK/ENG

Introduction and talk about Biomimicry by architect & founder of Nordic Biomimicry AnnaMaria Orrú. (eng) 

In-depth look at modern biomimicry examples and applications, professor at DTU and from Nordic Biomimicry, Torben Anker Lenau. (eng)

Sensing and sketching. 

Lunch break& Coffee. 

Workshop byAnna Maria Orrú and Sarah Gregersen from Nordic Biomimicry. Together we create a joint publication on the topic. (eng/dk) 

Sound installation performance. Poet Morten Søndergaard guides us into soundscapes created by pioneer and sound ecologist Knud Viktor. 

Tapas and dinner. Presentation by food expert Thorkil Boisen. (dk)

Mushrooms ensue with a tantalizing tasting experience and talk by mushroom producer Tobias Lau from Beyond Coffee. (dk)

Screening of the new film 'The Mushrooms Speaks' (2021) by Marion Neumann. (eng subt)

Nordic Biomimicry DJ set.

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Program Sunday 29 August at Amager Fælled

Starting point: Granatvej, 2770 Kastrup EVENT IN DANISH

BIOMIMICRY FESTIVAL rounds off with an inspiring Forest Safari in Kongelunden -Back to nature. There will be ice cream tasting with berry flavor from AmagerFælled by Thorkil Boisen. We will listen to the biologist discuss about Man andNature with people who work with humans in different ways. On our Amager Safariwe talk about:

1st stop: Symbiosis in nature.
Facilitated by CEO of Social Cities Anne Boukris. Conversation with psychologist Joel Boukris.

2nd stop: Language - how language can change our selves and the world.
In conversationand dialogue with P1 host and podcaster Adrian Hughes

3rd stop: Fungi - those that create and take life. The battle between mushrooms and trees.
By entrepreneur Tobias Lau, Beyond Coffee

4th stop: The life cycle of the forest.
The last part of the walk is with AmalieLund-Konggaard, Safari curator and Forest and landscape engineer student & Biologist and High School teacher Thorkil Boisen.

What is not to like about learning through a late summer festival where BIOMIMICRY is experienced through interactive talks and exchanges, new insights, films, art, social design, delicious food, concerts, passion and play!

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Produced by Social Cities in collaboration with Nordic Biomimicry, Teaterøen and Root&Jazz.

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