Aug 5, 2021

Biomimicry Festival Speakers and Artists


iomimicry is a field that takes inspiration from nature to find sustainable solutions that ‘enable life’ by creating conditions that are conducive to further life. On our journey, we take along biomimicry experts, educators, entrepreneurs, poets, artists, performers and food experts who interpret the field from diverse angles. The program is co-curated with Nordic Biomimicry, a network of various biomimicry experts around Scandianavia.

Adrian Hughes

Adrian Hughes is a Danish journalist who for many years has been a popular host on DR on both radio and television. He is known as the host of several series on DR2 and DRK such as "Smagsdommerne" and "Kunstquiz". He received DR's Language Award in 2004.

DJ Ras Money

DJ Ras Money also known as Raske Penge is a Danish double platinum-selling dancehall artist (rapper, singer and songwriter). Born Rasmus Poulsen and has formerly worked under that name as a writer, radio host and journalist.

Anne Boukris

Anne Boukris is Partner and CEO in Social Cities, M.A. History, Minority Studies and Communication. Researcher, Ass. prof. Gender and Minority Expert. Project Designer, Process facilitator and Audience Curator, and Gestalt coach. Founder of Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival. Anne works in the Nordic countries, across Europe and in the Middle East through project development, participatory formats and co-creation methods.

Julie Maria

Julie Maria holds the title as one of Denmark's most talented singers and songwriters. She has six critically acclaimed albums and a sea of concerts behind her. She possesses a presence and an intimacy that lifts her listeners out of the banalities of everyday life, and adds reflection, smiles, joy and depth. Musik

Nina Louise Jensen

Nina LouiseJensen, Cand. Arch., entrepreneur and partner in Social Cities. Nina has worked with sustainability concepts around architecture, social design, urban planning, and the physical planning of major Danish festivals such as Roskilde Festival. 10 years ago she founded CO2PENHAGEN - the World´s first CO2-neutral festival, running entirely on renewable energy.

Jens André Herbener

Jens André Herbener, author, lecturer, climate activist and Cand. mag., mag. art. in History of Religion and Semitic Philology. Herbener focuses on the ideological-historical roots and future solution of the global climate crisis.

Joanna Marie Nielsen

Joanna Marie Nielsen, author and Cand. Comm. Extensive scientific studies in dream research, history of religion and depth psychology. In parallel, he has undergone a multi-year intensive initiation and explored her own dreams, visions, spiritual experiences and herbal medicine. Den Glemte Virkelighed.

Anna Maria Orrú

Anna Maria Orrú architect, educator, academic researcher, bee keeper and enthusiast in the field of biomimicry since 2003. She has been teaching and driving biomimicry education in various Swedish departments of Architecture and Design, including institutes such as KTH, Chalmers and Konstfack. Her PhD ‘Wild Poethics’ furthered the topic of nature-inspired design using artistic and embodied methodologies. Founder of the Nordic Biomimicry.

Torben Anker Lenau

Torben Lenau is a mechanical engineer, academic researcher at the Technical University of Denmark, entrepreneur and university teacher. He has many years of experience from academia and industry within design & innovation, product development, materials & manufacturing, eco-design and bio-inspired design. Research.

Lars Pødenphant Kiær

Lars Pødenphant Kiær is a plant biologist focusing on ecology and evolution. He holds a PhD in crop ecology and biostatistics and has specialized his research on the transfer of ecological principles to plantproduction systems. For more than 10 years, Lars has taught graduates and undergraduates at University of Copenhagen including a course on biomimicry andnature-based innovation.

Morten Søndergaard

Morten Søndergaard is one of Denmark’s most important poets and artists. He debuted as a poet in 1992 and since then has written severalpoetry collections, many of which have been translated into a variety of languages. In addition, he works within boundaries of art, nature and sound artand has exhibited throughout Europe.

Sarah Gregersen

Sarah Gregersen has worked with Nature Based Solutions in business and organisation on a global level. She has worked in the UN and for the last 4 years have been learning designer at Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University. She uses living systems and innovation-basedentrepreneurship on planet-positive opportunities using biomimicry.

Pernille Lethenborg

Pernille Lethenborg is agronomist, plant breeder and Biomimicry specialist from Biomimicry 3.8, Pernille has been researching her absolute passion for Nature´s R&D for nearly a decade now, collaborating with professionals and companies to develop cutting edge products, processes and systems inspired by nature. 

Tom Mansfield

Tom Mansfield is an entrepreneur and generalist with a mulita-skilled approach to contemporary culture and it´sbuilt environment. He works with co-design to involve communities in projects local to them. He advocate for circular economy processes. Tom has also grown into philosophical poetry, regularly performing in the London spoken word scene and around Europe. His writing now focuses on rhythmic and performative poems seeking to capture the hope and fear of this profoundly changeful time.

Suzana Barbosa

Suzana Barbosa has a Master in Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship, she has worked with SDG´s & impact based startups for the last 4 years and creative entrepreneurship for 20 years. Owner of REWILD, working with earlystage nature-inspired startups.

Anders Thingmand Henriksen

Anders Thingmand Henriksen is a practicing psychologist Cand. Psych. working in the field of tension between philosophy, psychology and psychiatry. He has a high interest in Psychedelic Integration Theraphy around psychedelic experiences. Psychedelic integration therapy includes the therapeutic work that revolves around a psychedelic experience of, for example, psilicobin, MDMA or ayahuasca, which one has had individually or with a guide / therapist or group ceremony of some kind.

Thorkil Boisen

Thorkil Boisen is a biologist, teacher, entrepreneur, lecturer and ice cream producer, former Chairman of the nationwide sustainable food producers network “The Taste of Denmark”. He has previously worked with genetics at Denmark's main hospital, Rigshospitalet, researched wastewater treatment at the Technical University of Denmark and been an official at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Simone Dresler

Simone Dresler, also known as Sema Simone, is a innovative entrepreneur that carries her visions into the material world. She is the founder of her own movement, podcast and platform where she share herself and her inner most wisdom and desire to inspire the human out of the normative perception of life.

Kaya Jiwan

Kaya Jiwan is an international mentor and one of the leading voices in the field of transformation. Her methodology, The Layered Body System, brings her clients back to the Zero Point Body and opens the potential for Pleasure Based Living.

Tobias Lau

Tobias Lau is co-founder of Beyond Coffee, which collects coffee grounds and turns the minto mushrooms, and has also founded the consulting agency Social Action, which works with behavior change. Tobias is currently in the process of creating a third company, where the proteins formed as waste from the mushroom production in Beyond Coffee are developed into a food product.

Amalie Konggaard

Amalie Lund Konggaard is studying to be a Forest and Landscape Engineer and is particularly interested in symbiosis found in forest ecosystems. Amalie will guide us on Sunday's forest safari in Kongelunden.

Joel Boukris

Joel Boukris is a Crisis Psychologist and Entrepreneur. Busy with creating coherence in the world and between people, with a special interest in crises, physical illness, stress and stress reactions related to work and private life. Joes will take part in Sunday's forest safari and talk about how nature is used in trauma healing.