Change in Rural Communities


e are working to spotlight inspiring and informative stories about initiatives that create positive change in rural areas. Our initial focus is Bornholm - an Island of Contrasts - but we aim to create reports from all across the Danish outskirts.

These rural areas often face specific challenges as a result of centralization policies and changing communities.

The relocation of public employed professionals, refugees and migrants, as well as the presence of nomadic families amongst long-term locals leads to the proliferation of social and cultural stereotypes; however, it also creates opportunities to stimulate development and community building initiatives.

Our reports will bring together studies of the potential of these rural areas with descriptions of existing initiatives in the light of their changing communities. We have previously worked on defining strategies for settlement in rural Danish areas, creating meeting spaces for newcomers - including refugees - and locals.

We believe there is a need for more dynamic and outward looking communication, which puts a positive focus on existing initiatives.

We also want to offer a meeting point for strategies such as social entrepreneurship and cultural production, looking at these as assets within urban planning.

Spotlighting and exemplifying these efforts and ideas will inspire continued and new growth within rural civil society initiatives, as well as potentially attracting more state relocations and increased settlement.