May 11, 2021

Drop-in refuge for vulnerables  


ocial Cities is leading the process with a thorough renovation of a refuge in Christianshavn named 'Fedtekælderen' meaning 'The Fat Cellar'. Since 1960, the refuge Fedtekælderen has been located in Stanleys Gaard's basement. And at that time up to 120 men could sometimes come by for a cup of tea and piece of bread with fat for 3 øre, hence the name. The building is the parish yard of Christians Church and has historically been a central part of the social church work. Today the place is run by Kirkens Korshær.

Fedtekælderen should not only be a place 'to be', but also a place 'to do' and encourage for hopes and dreams.

With the renovation we focus on creating an inviting and multifunctional space guests can have their basic needs met and improve their own life situation.

With colors, art and functionality, we want to positively challenge the current notion of a drop-in refuge and at the same time preserve Fedtekælderen’s current cozy atmosphere.

The Fedtekælderen's new spaces must support the core service: 'the good meeting', and create more value for the Fedtekælderen's guests. At the same time, Fedtekælderen want to approach the local community in Christianshavn.

The project's primary target group is the 60-100 daily users, and the idea is to give them more opportunities for ‘help for self-help’ in relation to their own life in dignified surroundings. Secondly, associations, businesses, artists, etc. at Christianshavn could use the space for meetings, receptions, exhibitions, yoga etc.

We hereby want to build a bridge to the local community, increase knowledge and support for our work and prevent any myths and prejudices about the people who use the service of Fedtekælderen.