Heart Space


s a prelude to the Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2021, we welcomed Heart Space, a unique experience with a focus on ‘landscapes of care’, inclusion and democracy. For the last 2 years we have hosted events at the Copenhagen Architecture Festival in collaboration with various venues and NGOs. This year, most events are outdoors and goes on between March 1st - April 30 2021.

22 April: Community event in Copenhagen NV. Social Cities 2030 creates a framework for garden communities and conversations about Heart Space. Community Event open to all.
23 April: Gathering in nature in West Zealand in small clusters to unfold a mini-living lab and conversations about the diversity of culture and nature, the meaning of this, the function of this and facilitation of this
25 April: A guided tour of Copenhagen NV with conversations about studies of how architecture and social communities can support inclusion and green transformation - under the theme Heart Space.
28 April: Diversity workshop on diversity in urban living - common values, contrasts and contracts and the city's space. Community dinner and Storytelling.
29 April: Guided Tour in Copenhagen: Democracy Mapping. Urban Vox Pop:  Commitment and Curiosity.