e combine architecture and social design to build bridges between structure and society. Architecture & inclusive strategies must always interrelate to create sustainable solutions with and for the people – individually as well as in communities and networks. Social design & participatory processes are core to any of our projects. We believe and work across disciplines and methods. We know that participation and co-creation stand out as the fundament of any balance and implementation of physical structures or cultural values.

Green transition & change organization is our main attention. We always provide opportunities to join a green transition to any partner or any client. We adjust to possible transition and provide little or larger changes.

The most obvious way to include and create change is to engage, include and provide civil society with tools, spaces, and facilitation to promote and support their own ideas, creativity, and solutions. We provide Living Lab learning designs to support and feed any idea until it becomes real and implementable.

Living Labs can be provided as physical structures in existing or temporary spaces. The Main focus in our Living Labs is to provide a safe space for unsafe ideas for any type of community, network, commercial context or learning program/institution.

Our Methods

Visionary graphic designs
Challenged based learning
Intercultural designs
Design thinking
Social technology
Global, social, and local bridges

When we use the term SUSTAINABILITY, we mean: Possible to do, Possible to implement and relevant to the people. Sustainability also means Green, Balanced and Future Oriented.

We work in partnerships and prepare any collaboration carefully through mapping of demography, geography, and social parameters.

Change management:
We encourage our clients and their customers and users to trust and facilitate their own change and trust in their true capacity as change agents and participants of transition. We offer 25 years of organizational consulting, project management and process designs. If your organization wishes to work in a specific theoretical approach or a paradigm we can adjust, and tailor make any intervention, design or process.
Let us give one example: Frame, Voice, Report is an EU based paradigm for campaigns in development contexts. The client wishes to integrate the findings and the main approach in this paradigm and so we design accordingly.

Competence development:
We offer 25 years of teaching, learning and competence development. Our team has engaged and supplied to most of Danish Universities and Design Academies. Based on both academic credits and commercial consulting we are happy to share our designs and learning material as well as designing and authoring new and tailor made.

NGOs and CSOs

Strategies are not the truth. They should engage with circumstances and society. During times of crisis and the present covid paradigm we understand that nothing remains the same. Therefore, we seek to mainstream our methods into your present strategy and adjust to any barriers and political reality. These are difficult times for civil society to operate smoothly. We are doing our outmost to build bridges between strategy and reality. When partnering with Social Cities we focus on all levels to make sure the outcome is fulfilling the strategic as well as visionary demand and expectation.

Living lab
Interview and questionnaire

Living labs can be 1 day or 14 days or processed over a project period. In any project or process that we design or contribute to we offer a living lab design simply to include and promote participants and end users own capacity and agency. We depart from a simple design in order for any:
Living Lab for green urban spaces
Living lab for social design
Living lab for diversity and biodiversity
Living lab for organizational green and social strategies
Living lab for green and equality-based entrepreneurship 

Festivals and social events: 
Festivals are great for facilitating new concepts and perspectives. They motivate people through artistic and designed experiences. We use festivals as means of conquering people’s attention into a limited time and space experience although facilitating focus and visions.

Do drive and create great experiences we use:
Films, debates, talks, workshops, and experiential learning and challenged based processes. Through means of new tools, we create fundaments for new conversations and new audiences. We give people guidelines to secure and promote social coherence, human rights and we always thrive to create equity and diverse organizations and concepts as an ongoing purpose. We promote climate strategies focusing on highly relevant themes or tasks adjusting to your reality and to your organization’s reality. We use our curatorial competences and long-term experience in working for culture, arts and conceptual designs as sociologists, architects, entrepreneurs, and designers.

We recently became a part of the largest CSR network in Scandinavia. Through the language and strategies of CSR we are able to connect to technologies and customer oriented commercial buisnesses as well as NGOs and CSOs. We offer:
Strategies of partnerships
Collaborative concepts
Internal training and internal events
Design thinking and strategies
Global bridges to promote your technology and to secure local implementation and sustainable changes