May 1, 2021

Museums Without Walls

Currently, we are exploring concepts and examples of museums without walls and learning how new museum formats can be implemented as accessible narratives in public spaces. Our research and visits to different projects have have inspired many ideas, and we look forward to seeing how this inspiration can be realised in Denmark. Our key themes for this project are Sustainability, Social Change and Artistic Dissemination and Recognition.

Thus, the expectation is that we will achieve:

• Insight into methods and designs within homelessness and national inclusion design
• Insight and learning in museum-free matrix formats, room design, dissemination strategies
• Practices in transcendental design that are explored and derived from cross-border paradigms
• Documentation that can be used to develop specific needs in Denmark

Thanks to the Danish Art Fund for supporting various reseach travels to Israel, England, Chile and Sweden.

Museum of Homelessness, London.
Migration Museum, London.