Dec 12, 2020

Wooden Constructions in Chiloé


hiloé in Chile is known by the rest of the country as a unique ‘Living Lab’ with a long tradition of wood construction and crafts. The purpose of the study tour was to collect and document artifacts, material samples, and stories including interviews with locals on video, audio and photo.

The journey took us around the chain of wooden churches, palafitos (wooden-style houses on legs), local shipyards, newer architectural interpretations mixed with local building traditions as well as pursuits of endemic cultures, such as the minga - the tradition of moving houses on the sea.

Nercon Church, Chiloe, Chile.

Likewise, we explored the Pacific side of Chiloé documenting the contrasting sea landscape and a raw and exposed coastline with colonies of wildlife; penguins, whales and sea lions!

We are in the process of systemizing and editing first-hand material about the Chiloé archipelago's cultural and natural DNA, and will publish a short documentary film about the place and culture of Chiloé based on authentic interviews of local architects, engineers and craftsmen - all experts in the values, sustainability and potentials of wood.